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What is the silicone cake mold making process

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Update time : 2022-05-11 11:14:30

  The arrival of the epidemic in early 2020 has left many people staying at home, unable to go out for dinner and eat in restaurants, and many people have evolved into cooking gods at home. Some people who like to eat pastry will choose silicone cake molds to make their beloved Many people do n’t know much about cakes and silicone cake molds. Kean Silicone will show you what silicone cake molds are. Is it safe for people and what is the production process?

Silicone Cake Mold

What is silicone cake mold, is silicone cake mold safe for people?

   Silicone cake mold, cake mold silicone is a high-performance molding material, mold replication simulation is strong, vulcanized mold glue and other non-stick, high temperature resistance, good aging performance and other excellent properties. It is mainly vulcanized with silicone rubber raw materials. Three of them are:

  1. Raw materials are non-toxic and tasteless.

  2. High temperature resistance, can be used within 230 degrees during baking.

  3. Strong soft resilience, drop resistance, waterproof and excellent sealing performance.

   What is the silicone cake mold making process?

   1.For the silicone cake mold, its processing method is to obtain the desired shape from a steel mold through high-temperature pressing.

   2. Make the corresponding core hole in the steel mold, press and vulcanize the raw materials into the mold core, and the quality and quality of the product, except for the mold vulcanization process, have certain factors on the mold. .

  3. The mold is the key to making silicone cake molds. The main difference between cake molds with different prices in the market is the selection of raw materials and the accuracy requirements of the mold.

 How to choose silicone cake mold?

 1.Product safety, material selection and technology of cake mold,

 2. Whether the silicone product manufacturer has the corresponding environmental protection monitoring and secondary sulfurization treatment, the appearance quality of the product and the deformation force of the product,

 3. Due to the material that needs to be baked under high temperature for a long time, it is necessary to choose a high-tension anti-tearing material, the color of the product is environmentally safe, whether to use food-grade color glue, and confirm the shape of the product.

The above is the silicone cake mold related to Kean silicone finishing, is the silicone cake mold safe for people, the production process of silicone cake mold, outdoor silicone supplies can be Kean silicone.

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