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what does silica gel do

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  Silica gel, the material with silica gel following the rise of a lot of mass slowly to have access to silica gel material, generally heard the silicone, not to say that the silica gel is following the silicone entity dolls that actually silicone this material by involving in every industry, KEAN silica gel is mainly to do outdoor silicone products, with you to understand the basic material properties and effects of the silica gel.


  What is silica gel

Silica gel is the general industry people are talking about silicon dioxide, the general public is confused, what is silicon dioxide, silicon dioxide in life is common layer of limestone layer,  after a series of operations.

By adding dilute sulfuric acid (or hydrochloric acid) to the aqueous solution of water glass and leaving it standing, it becomes hydrosilicic acid gel and becomes solid.The dissolved ions of electrolyte Na+ and SO42-(Cl-) were washed off with water, and silica gel was obtained after drying.It becomes the kind of solid silicone that we see in our lives.

  What is the effect of silica gel

  1. The physical properties of silica gel lead to its use in rocks. Therefore, the material is very environmentally friendly, non-toxic and pollution-free.

2, plus good heat resistance up to 250 degrees Celsius, so in the high temperature environment, industrial production and kitchenware are useful.

3, silicone products have good electrical insulation performance, widely used in the electronics, electrical industry.

4. The hardness of liquid silica gel can reach 10° c-40 °C. Due to its softness, it is widely used in simulating human organs and medical silicone breast pads.

5. The popular mobile phone case is made of silica gel which is solidified by high temperature sulfur. The hardness of the molded silica gel is usually between 30°C and 70°C.The shape of the mold determines the shape of the molded silica gel products, mainly used to make only silica gel industrial accessories, mobile phone cases, silica gel kitchen utensils, silica gel gifts this several big aspects.

Above is KEAN silicone, to explain what silica gel is, the material characteristics of silica gel and the application of those, easy to understand the way quickly let you understand what is silica gel.

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