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What are the best travel containers?

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Update time : 2022-05-05 09:32:53

The best travel container must be the most suitable for their own containers, each material of the travel container, have the most suitable use of the scene.It is the container that holds water basically commonly and the container that holds toiletries.

Selection of travel water bottles

Silicone water bottle

1. Material: the glass is the safest material, but it is not heat-insulating, it is not resistant to fall, it will be hot when you connect the hot water, if you drink tea, you should choose a double glass will be better, so that it will not be hot.

2. Insulation: choose a stainless steel water glass, but also pay attention to stainless steel water glass as far as possible do not pack stimulating drinks.

3. Portability: silica gel and plastic cups and aluminum POTS are lighter and easy to carry. Secondly, plastic cups and aluminum POTS are more resistant to fall, collision and damage.

4. Price: the price of the plastic cup is relatively low compared to the stainless steel cup and the aluminum cup. It is recommended to choose the plastic cup if you go out in general.

5. Environment: if you go out in a more hostile environment, it is recommended to choose aluminum kettle.

Silicone travel bottle selection

Shampoo, shower gel, face cream, skincare, etc., can be packed in bottles when traveling, but only if the airline rules do not allow more than 100ml bottles.

Dolphin travel bottle

How to choose silicone travel bottle

Choose and buy travel bottling: whether the material is healthy and safe

Travel cent pack bottle, it is used to pack the lotion such as shampoo of big bottle, shower gel, cosmetic, in order to be able to use in the travel at ease wash gargle things.First of all, it is necessary to see whether the bottling material is healthy and environmentally friendly, and whether it has passed some authoritative certifications, such as FDA certification, BPAFREE certification, LFGB certification, etc.Healthy and environmentally friendly bottling, in order to let us in the use of more assured.The common material for travel bottling is food-grade silica gel, which is called silica gel bottling.

Optional silicone travel bottle: portability

When I travel, the bottling capacity on the market is generally 37ml, 60ml, 89ml, etc., and the weight is generally 28g, 36g, 48g, 3g, 60g, etc.When you choose to bottle your trip, you can choose according to your needs.

Optional silicone travel bottle: functional

In travel, each person has different requirements for bottling, such as the choice of capacity, as well as the choice of function.Some hope cent pack bottle to be able to adsorb to go up on glass, wall facilitate extrusion latex, some people hope cent pack bottle to be able to hang up when do not use, some people, hope cent pack bottle to seal sex is good, prevent leakage sex is good, and it is to use how many squeeze how much to wait.

Optional silicone travel bottle: patent and process

For example, whether it is a patented product, whether it has passed the relevant food level certification, whether the materials used are environmental protection, whether the process is excellent.

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