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What are the best reusable silicone food storage bags

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Update time : 2022-04-14 09:38:58


  Out-of-home toiletries,baby food...

  How many plastic bags do you use a day?

  plastic bag

  recommend a reusable

  kean food grade silicone storage bag

  1 can replace 1000 disposable plastic bags

  Save resources and better protect our health

Plastic bag

Silicone bag

  Customers who use our products say:

  "Every time I go out with complementary food,at least a dozen food bags are wasted for the amount of two babies.I'm actually very sad,it's too wasteful,it's not environmentally friendly!"

  "For someone like me who never has time to eat breakfast,this is much more intimate than a plastic bag.The bag won't be squeezed,and it can be heated in the Weibo stove!"

  "Half-cooked material can be cooked in a bag directly in the pot,which appeals to me"

  "The lemon slices that I drink at home every day can finally be stored!Finally,there is no need to look at wrinkles anymore,and the fresh-keeping silicone bag of lemon juice is still there.

Silicone bag

  Kane's fresh-keeping bags are made of food-grade silica gel,pure non-filling,and the surface without voids can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria,which is the first threshold to ensure food safety.

  Note that the kean fresh-keeping bag can withstand a high temperature of 218°C and can be boiled.Put some vegetables in a fresh-keeping bag and cook them slowly in the pot,which can not only keep the vegetables fresh,but also achieve the effect of cooking.dishes.

  High temperature resistant silicone bag

  You can also use the kean silicone bag to store cosmetics,important documents,digital products,waterproof and durable

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