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The debate between true and false silicone

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Update time : 2022-04-07 11:04:46

We can distinguish the authenticity of silicone from the following three aspects:

   1. In terms of feel, the toughness and elasticity of silicone products are very good, and it is not easy to be permanently deformed by external forces, and the hand feels smoother, while counterfeit silicone products are easy to deform and feel rough. , because the fake silicone surface does not have a layer of greasy substance.

   2. In terms of characteristics, silica gel products are non-toxic, odorless and colorless products with good texture and no harm to the human body. However, it is difficult for ordinary fake silica gel products to achieve these effects. Fake and inferior silica gel products are generally poisonous and thorny Nose odor, but also relatively rough!

   3. At the same time, we can also burn the real and fake silica gel through the flame, which is also very useful. The fake silica gel product emits black smoke when it burns, and the residue is black powder. The real silica gel product is white when it burns no matter what color it is. Smoke and burning residue are white powder.

  In addition to the above methods,choosing a reliable business will avoid the above problems.Shenzhen Kean Silicone Co.,Ltd.was established in 2011.In 11 years,it has focused on the R&D and production of silicone products for mothers and babies exported to Europe and the United States.Its silicone products have a wide variety of products.Including,mother and baby silicone,silicone toys,silicone gifts,daily silicone,outdoor silicone,and many other products,silicone products to find Kean,quality delivery more peace of mind.

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