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In March 2020, KEAN newly designed a plastic spray bottle

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Update time : 2022-04-24 14:36:07

  This is the first plastic emulsion bottle released by Coan in March 2020. The unique design concept and intimate ergonomic design make it more convenient to carry around.

  Large bottles of skin care products are usually the most cost-effective. After many price comparisons, many people still choose to buy medium-sized or small-sized packages because the reason is to be more convenient to carry. This sub-bottle can help you to distribute skin care products that are not convenient for you to carry, and the squeeze amount of this emulsion sub-bottle is fixed, which is easier to control than skin care bottles that need to press the bottle body, and will not cause waste.


  The design of the bottle body took the designer three months to investigate and test. The ultimate inspiration came from the sexy waist curves of sexy women. The top of the bottle is put in a little, like a sexy waistline, you can pinch with two fingers; it is semi-curved from top to bottom, like a full buttocks, fits the palm, not only feels great, but also placed on the table The cylindrical bottle is more stable.

  The shape is unique, and the highly transparent PETG material makes the contents clear.

  The large bottle mouth design makes it easier to test and pack. If you have already purchased a small bottle with a split bottle design, it is recommended to keep a small funnel at home, which may cause a little waste residue, but it will greatly reduce the difficulty of dispensing.

  Two SIZE sizes, 100 ml and 50 ml, you can choose according to your needs

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