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How to buy outdoor sports bottle

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How to buy outdoor sports bottle

Going out for a run, gym exercise, buying bottled water is too wasteful, drinking low salt boiling water is the best choice for the body. But the kettle or cup is not easy to hold or fragile. Silicone sports bottle is sturdy and durable, safe, reliable and convenient for insurance. It has become the basic configuration for outdoor sportsmen. So what brand of sports bottle is good, how to buy outdoor sports bottle

How to buy a sports bottle?

Method / step

Certification: whether the sports bottle has passed the relevant certification

Factory: ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, better with BSCI business social standard certification, etc.

Product: FDA (testing and certification by the US Drug Administration)

             LFGB (German Food Hygiene Management)

            BPA FREE (does not contain bisphenol A)

Certified manufacturers can eliminate many product problems from the aspects of production and quality management systems. Secondly, exports to the United States need to pass the FDA inspection and certification of the United States Drug Administration; exports to Europe need to pass the German and German food hygiene management LFGB Testing and certification, also known as "Food, Tobacco Products Cosmetics and Other Commodities Management Law"; does not contain toxic substance BPA, bisphenol A is toxic,  long-term inhalation of bisphenol A powder is harmful to liver function and kidney function; especially serious is It reduces the amount of heme in the blood.

So be sure to look for relevant certifications, buy only the right ones, and don't buy the wrong ones.

How to buy a sports bottle?

Function and performance: easy to carry, good leak resistance, strong and durable, strong pressure resistance, whether with filter function

Portability: There are many cases where the kettle is used outdoors. On bicycles, rock climbing, running, climbing, this requires the portability of the kettle. Products such as folding kettles which are safe and whose volume and shape can be changed as needed are preferred, and they can solve difficult problems.

Good leakproofness: When the exercise is intense, the water leak from the kettle will cause people to collapse, and the clothes will be wet, which will cause a series of troubles. The strong leakproofness of the sports water bottle is a price adjustment that must be provided.

Strong and durable pressure resistance: sports such as rock climbing often bump, so sports bottles must have this feature to be more durable.

Whether to bring a filter function: Whether to bring a filter depends on everyone's own needs. Those who need to travel and drink water outdoors. For safety and health, it is recommended to buy a filter function. If it is only for children to go to school, run out, do not need to drink Natural water sports bottle without filtering function.

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