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Difficulties and challenges of the silicone industry in 2020

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Update time : 2022-05-19 09:55:36

2020 is an unprecedented challenge for the silicone manufacturing industry. Some people even say that 2019 is too difficult, and now it seems that 2020 is even harder. Although most of Shenzhen Ke'an Silicone's business is in overseas markets, it is obvious that difficulties are encountered. In the face of the epidemic, how the silicone industry responds, so what changes will many silicone customers require this year.

Difficulties and challenges of the silicone industry in 2020:

1. In the context of the national epidemic, the delivery time of many manufacturers is seriously delayed, and the original suppliers cannot resume work, leading customers to re-select a new silicone processing supplier.

2. The number of factory re-workers is far from enough. Many workers are reluctant to come over in their hometown. Shenzhen Ke'an Silicone's 1.5-time high-paying talents have gradually improved.

3. The capital chain of some silicone products factories may not be able to support it, or the supply chain may not be able to supply normally, leading to bankruptcy of the company and loss of a large number of customers.

How will the silicone industry respond to the epidemic in 2020

1. You should be able to see that choosing safety is the number one priority during this period, and protecting the absolute safety of workers is the most important.

2. Labor insurance products and protection products should continue to fire for a period of time. It should be feasible to make some silicone accessories during this time.

3. Customers lost by others have returned to the market. At this time, we should pay close attention to promotion and quickly target customers.

Shenzhen Kean Silicone actively responded to the government's request and made preparations for recovery. The production area is disinfected every day, and the workers are issued new masks every day to ensure the health of employees and their families. On February 10, 2020, we have resumed work and accepted orders for silicone products from China and overseas.

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