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Baby's growing toy Elephant rattle gum

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Author : kean001
Update time : 2022-04-25 09:20:58

  In March 2020, Kean released a soothing silicone product, elephant rattle teether. Foreign treasure moms usually buy several tooth gums for their babies to prevent them from biting their fingers.

  Gum is mainly used for 3-36 months old baby's teeth grinding. During this period, when the baby grows teeth, the gums will be very itchy, they will look for something to bite, and bite whatever they see. The most common bite is big. Thumbs, but what the baby casually grabs is neither hygienic nor safe, and it is easy to threaten the baby's health, so we need to prepare tooth gel for the baby.

微信图片_20200422211757.png When the baby shakes this gum, the gum will make a clanging sound, attracting the baby's attention and letting the baby put it down. This toothpaste can help your baby recognize the direction by voice. Compared with two-dimensional toothpaste, three-dimensional toothpaste can induce the baby's understanding and imagination of the three-dimensional space, and cultivate creative thinking ability.

  Soft, safe and non-toxic silicone material is the first choice for all baby products. Babies often have unstable grips. If the baby's gripping toys are made of traditional plastics, the baby can easily smash the baby, and sometimes it can easily hurt the mother. Silicone is soft, which not only protects the gums when the baby bites, but also does not fear that the baby will slip and hurt yourself.


  Kean Silicone recommends that sometimes baby's toys are not many, but practical. Buying casually not only wastes money, but also increases the workload of storage. In addition to being practical, safety and health should also be paid attention to when buying toys. At the same time, they should be bought according to the growth stage of the baby to minimize waste.

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