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Are silicone pads toxic?

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Author : kean001
Update time : 2022-04-27 09:55:27

Is steamed buns with silicone pads toxic?

   1. Steamed buns with silicone pads are not toxic. The premise is that you must buy silicone pads with food-grade silicone. Generally, food-grade silicone materials are not very cheap. Just find a very low-priced silicone product.

   2. Food-grade silicone, this material is very stable, unless the high temperature reaches above 200 degrees Celsius, it is difficult to make any changes, after the high temperature will not release toxic substances, this is different from plastic, plastic is really not good. After high-temperature steaming, many toxic substances are released.

   3. Bamboo mat and straw mat dough are relatively easy to stick into the gaps, it is very difficult to clean, and some dough left in summer will be easily deteriorated, this silicone mat has an advantage. In the market, there are not only silicone pads, but also silicone baking pads and silicone kneading pads. Each pad has its own different usage and cleaning skills.

   Is it poisonous to knead flour on a silicone pad

   1. Silicone pads are not toxic for kneading flour. Compared with steamed buns and baking at high temperature, silicone kneading flour is very stable at room temperature. The mat itself is clean and has no problem.

   2. Silicone mat soft flour, more to consider is the experience, it is best to choose food-grade materials, the thickest choice, otherwise the experience will be very bad.

   3. When comparing the price, it is much less than the general products. Be careful that the inferior silica gel pads may be waste silica gel or may be just plastic products. So choose a regular silicone pad.Please choose the food grade silicone pad developed by Kean Silicone

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