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Which is better, a silicone straw or a plastic straw?

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Author : kean001
Update time : 2022-06-07 09:20:20

In our daily life, most straws are made of plastic because it cheaper than other materials. Many stores give away straws when you buying drinks, however, these straws are disposed which can not be recycled. Hence the cost of straws must be cheap. The material is the main reason why silicone straws more expensive than plastic straws. The cost of raw materials has to drive up its price. Therefore silicone straws are not suitable for disposable use. If just in home you can use silicone straws replace plastic straws. Because silicone straws are resistant to both high temperature and low temperature. So no matter you put it in refrigerator or boiled water, it will not be damaged or produce harmful substance. But plastic straws are not only easy to aging, but also not resistant to high temperature, low temperature.

It even will produce Hazardouse substance when it being boiled in boiling water.

It takes humdreds of years for plastic products to degrade naturally, which will do great harm to the enviroment. But silicone products are easy to degrade and will not cause any damage to natural environment. So we call on everyone to use more degradabld silicone products.


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