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are silicone teethers safe?

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Author : kean001
Update time : 2022-06-01 09:58:39
First, as a baby product, safety must come first.Therefore the safety of the material is very important, it is best to choose the same material with the pacifier food grade silica gel.Because it is very soft, will not damage the baby's baby teeth and tender mucous membrane;Can withstand 140 degrees of high temperature, by high temperature cooking disinfection, will not deform, will not precipitate harmful components;Also resistant to low temperature, will not be frozen because of refrigeration and crack;Most importantly, it's non- toxic and odorless, it doesn't contain bisphenol A, and it doesn't smell like plastic.

Second, must meet the quality standards, through the quality inspection.For example, some unqualified silica gel dental gum, the edge is not smooth, easy to scratch the baby, or some do not meet the design standards, too long dental gum is easy to cause the baby in the biting danger;Even some are still three no products, even the origin is not clearly marked.And the quality inspection qualified products will have the relevant qualified mark, that is through the layers of inspection, quality is more guaranteed.

The 3rd, had better choose integral form, without overmuch adornment.The advantage of integral forming is not easy to be bitten off by the baby, otherwise cause swallowing is very troublesome;The main function of dental glue is to massage the gums. If the decoration on the side is too fancy, it will attract the baby to bite the decoration instead of massaging the gums, it will put the cart before the horse.

Fourth, in the color, shape and other aspects of the choice, the color is not too bright, because who knows what these colors are made of, there must be chemical ingredients;Size and shape to fit the baby's grasp and play, to facilitate the baby's use.

Fifth, it is recommended to choose two or more silica gel dental gums. On the one hand, they can be rotated. When one is being used, the other can be cleaned and disinfected.On the other hand, because of the baby's curiosity, if it is the same gum all the time, the baby will lose interest.

In addition to these, it is best to go to the market or mother and baby specialty stores to buy, the quality must have a certain guarantee. Silicone dental gums should be disinfected daily to prevent bacterial infections and affect the health of the baby. When using silicone teether for a long time, please pay attention to whether the silicone teether is deformed or bitten. If you find that your silicone teether is damaged, discard it immediately.

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