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Processing technology of baby silicone teether

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Author : kean001
Update time : 2022-05-31 09:28:39
Raw material is the key to the silica gel maternal and infant supplies, infant products are usually reaches a certain standard of environmental protection, so the silicone material is not exceptional also, normal is to choose the environmental protection silicone custom processing gas phase method, and many manufacturers to ordinary precipitation silica gel for processing, product although there is no much impact, but with time is too long, or a gas phase glue quality differences.

Processing method: the choice of technology is very important, usually there are many kinds of processing way, silica gel products and silicone children supplies more common for solid and liquid processing, two methods have different advantages and differences, solid silica gel products threshold is low, and the product cost is low, the produced products can also achieve green food grade, material quality, is a lot of consumer choice.Liquid silica gel processing threshold is higher, the use of liquid state water material processing, the feel of the product is more soft, better rebound, and the mold line will be smaller than the solid, but the minimum order is higher, mold cost is higher.

Secondary plus sulfur: secondary plus sulfur is any testing of products must deal with a process, and infants and young children the smell of the silica gel products have certain main reason is not for a second curing temperature baking, product raw materials as a catalyst for not sending out as a result, children at present a lot of silicone products manufacturer basic treatment, only for a second and allocate different sulfur treatment time and temperature.

Grinding, grinding processing mainly for stricter appearance of silica gel products, parting line is every product produced, and grinding process after high speed grinding let die line is smooth, keep the appearance without any flaw, the high cost of this method, such as the suggestion that you need to buy more delicate appearance you can select the eye after grinding processing products.

Surface processing, silicone baby products also can silk screen processing, different LOGO are printed on the product surface appearance or brand and design, but the printing ink can not necessarily guarantee export inspection report, so in addition to the screen printing way, silica gel products can also be through mould LOGO and radium vulture or transfer printing and other different ways to make!

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