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are silicone bottles safe

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Update time : 2022-05-30 09:58:40
Production of silica gel bottles USES the food grade silica gel, the use of food grade silica gel silica gel bottles are made of a high degree of transparency, tear resistance, resilience, yellow degeneration resistance, thermal stability, water resistance, good permeability and heat aging resistance and weatherability, moderate viscosity, easy to operation at the same time, the products high transparency, can see the mold filling and if there is a bubble defects such as casting materials.

Silica gel bottle because of the special properties of silica gel than the general plastic bottle heat resistance, a long time disinfection will not have a problem.After the plastic part is removed, the silicone bottle and pacifier are simply placed in water for high-temperature sterilization.

The silica gel bottles produced by the equipment have the following characteristics:

Raw material of whole food grade liquid silica gel, quality assurance;

Conforming to QS, FDA, CE EN71 and other standards;

◆ bisphenol A(BPA) free products with high transparency, non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, durable;

Wide range of high stability and temperature resistance: -55℃ ~ +300℃, can be boiled water disinfection;

◆ excellent tensile, tensile strength, bite resistance, high elasticity;

Full automatic production of injection molding automatic demould to avoid artificial secondary pollution.

Silicone bottle maintenance tips:

1. Silicone milk bottles should be boiled in boiling water for 10 minutes before use!This disinfects the bottle and removes the smell.

2. Before use, please check whether there are cracks or tooth marks on the bottle, so as to avoid lacerations on the bottle.

3. Please clean the silicone bottle with the designated cleaning fluid when cleaning!

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